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Topshop's Ditsy Sweetheart
If you, at any point, get tired of embroidered this-n-that as Spring unfolds, we've discovered Topshop's latest collection of vintage florals that give off some really strong 90's Drew Barrymore vibes. From robes to baseball caps, to bodysuits and smocked Bardots- it's one big acid trip dipped in florals. Side Note: Have y'all noticed how Topshop has ~basically~ become the affordable (and dare we say, wearable) Gucci lately? So when we came across the gorgeous green gypsy crop top that reminded us of Selena Gomez's Gucci look in Vogue's last issue, we knew this was a keeper. Find this adorable Spring must-have and many similar ditsy stunners in our special edit.
Image Courtesy : Vogue/The Fashion Plug