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This Strange Combo We're Warming Up To
We said it in Jan, and we're saying it now: Toss away all your definitions of the 'ideal' color combinations this spring, because fashion girls all over the world are throwing all shades of pink, red and magenta together and making it, yes, a thing. Some of us at Hook were skeptical too, can we actually pull this off in real life? Turns out, it's really an acquired taste. There's something really juicy and spring-like about all the vibrant hues next to each other and like all hard-to-follow trends, layering with the right textures is the key. For baby steps, wield a maroon bag with a hot pink jumpsuit and matching shoes and see the magic unfold. We've gathered a bunch of red and pink stuff that would go well for your little colorist experiments. Hop on, shop on!
Image Courtesy : Style Du Monde