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Surf's Up, Shirts Up!
Short sleeves shirts are often likened to annoying douches and creepy uncles unless you're in Miami or Hawaii. But street style from Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Week saw a sartorial throwback to the evocative seventies. We spotted one too many loose fitting button downs in reds or amber oranges next to the maximalist bowling shirts with wild prints from Gucci. Nothing about this trend says 'hold back' or 'restrained'. But, seeing how appropriate they are for summers, we're making it our mission to decode the styling this delicate trend commands. The key to pulling off these shirts is to find pieces that pay tribute to the seventies, but also complement your features and coloring. Oh, and refrain from donning bell-bottoms. It's not a throwback, just a summer styling cue, best paired with rolled up cuffs or skinny black jeans.
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