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New Style Codes At Work
Most dudes we know show up at office looking underdressed or overdressed. Let's be honest, it's not cool or practical to wear a hard-nosed suit, not in 2017. But nobody likes a tee-n-jeans kinda lad turning up for work looking like he's headed to a takeaway down the street either. In a very blurry stylescape of office dress codes, Hook gives you some much-needed pointers and quite the selection of fail-proof staples you can pick from to revamp your 9to5 game. Tip 1. Cuff the pants, or grab the skinny. Tip 2. Have a little (measured) fun in the shirts department. Tip 3. Find the perfect leather sneaker hybrids. Tip 4. Top it off with an office appropriate bomber, or a quilted coat. Tip 5. Invest in easy to care, clean separates and mix them up.
Image Courtesy : The Idle Man