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If you, like us, are feeling a fashion rut of sorts right now it's probably not going to last long now. Typical end-of-season blues, transitional vacuum, too much exposure to a certain style everywhere (looking at you, you dumb pink ruffle top)- classic stuff. But don't worry because things are about to get interesting, as is the cyclical nature of fashion. A few pointers we're seeing on campaign and lookbooks: 1. One shoulder styles are the new off-shoulders. Your best bet? Move away from ruffles, get some into knits with choker necks perhaps. 2. Doodles & slogans. A crowd-favorite on its way, these are basic styles elevated with cute little things embroidered in handwritten styles that scream Pinterest-Perfect from a mile away. 3. Ribbed crop tops. These snug li'l things are so effortlessly hot, we are buying every color we can. Just throw one with a pair of high waist mom-jeans and you're good to go! Shop the freshest new trend on Hook.
Image Courtesy : Refinery29