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On ASOS: Season's Most Coveted Pants at Prices We Love!
Wide-leg pants have been bleeping on our radar very early on this year. Seeing how the streets in New York and Milan gave us so many sightings of the 00's low-waist roomy silhouette, we went ahead and assumed that is going to be an ongoing love affair (at least for the rest of the year). But little did we anticipate for things to catch on so fast! Leading the pack is ASOS with catalogs filled with just about everything we've expected from our trend-spotting. Way ahead with key-pieces that hit the note just right, their online store is a mecca for the fashionably brave. Rounding up the hottest wide-leg styles online, we discovered all we needed and more with prices so sweet it hurt. Shop from the most covetable styles on this edit for some guilt-free, mid-month indulgence.
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