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Hook is your go-to app to discover, compare, match and find trending products and stay ahead on all things fashion.On Hook you can keep track of the latest trends, find where to get them and explore all options at your disposal before making your fashion pick. You can discover products from our real-time Trending feed, click a picture and find a match, hunt down the best deal and never miss out on the latest style update.

Plus, you can follow us for tips on collection launches, sales and the coolest new finds. Read our Discover section for stories on the best style inspirations and stalk celeb styles.


Download the Hook app on the App Store and Google Play. Hook is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

Do I need to pay to use Hook?

No, it’s absolutely free! All the cool things you find on Hook, however, aren’t. Sadly.

I'm a brand and I want to be seen on Hook- whom do I call?

We'd love to hear from you! Just share some info with us and our team will be in touch.


Why do I need a Profile?

You need to create a Profile if you wish to get a personalized trending feed and recommendations, view likes, manage wishlists and receive updates and notifications. You can only Like maximum of two items without signing up or logging in.You will not be able to create and manage Wishlists without a profile.

How do I change my email address?

You cannot switch to a new email id for the same account. You will need to log out and register with a new email. Please remember that all your preferences will be reset and you’ll begin as a new user again.

How do I change my password?

Go to Profile>Edit Profile>Change Password. Enter the old password and the new password while you are still logged in and tap on Save changes bar.

How do I deactivate my account?

Go to Profile>Manage Account> Delete Account.


How do I navigate through the app?

We have 4 main navigation tabs : Trending, Snap & Search, Discover and Profile at the bottom panel.

Step by step guide:

  1. Trending: Open the app you can see the trending items on the trending tab. If you like the product, select it to see the details like available sizes, colour, description and similar products. You can buy the products on merchants website.
  2. Discover: The Discover section comprises of editorials that are curated by our content editors / fashion bloggers. It also includes some good reads from other brands and collections.
  3. Snap & Search: If you like a product but don’t know where to find a similar one, use our snap & search feature. just click a picture or upload one from your gallery and we will find the similar matches for you.
  4. Profile: Manage your account preferences, email subscriptions and other profile information using the profile tab.
  5. Search: Use in-app-search to look for products from a particular brand. Optimise your search results by applying filters like color, size, style, sale, price etc. You can also refine your search results further.
  6. Notifications: Log-in with Facebook / instagram or email to like and add products to your Wishlist. Get notified when the product that you like is on sale and is available back in stock.

Hook is the perfect solution for fashion product discovery.

How do I choose what I see on my trending feed?

You can set preferences when you first download the app and signup. You can later go to Profile> Manage Account> Manage Preferences, to change or set preferences for more categories.

How do I find a particular product?

Use the search icon on top right to enter what you’re looking for. Set the way you view results from old to new, and vice versa, highest to lowest price, and vice versa, sales and offers, etc. by tapping on Sort. Filter the search down to size, color, price range, category, or brand by tapping on the Refine icon.

Can I save items for later? Where can I see them?

You can go click on the Wishlist icon to add an item. You can view, manage and create all your wishlists by going to Profile>Wishlist.

How do I buy something on Hook?

When you tap on the product you want to buy, then tap on the “STARTING FROM”, you will be taken to the product gateway where you can select the merchant you wish to buy from and it will redirectyou to merchant site or the affiliate website.

How do I know about new trend?

We have three means of trend discovery on Hook. Trending Feed, Discover Editorials and Notifications in the Profile tab.

How do I report bad/improper/irrelevant content?

Write to us at


I'm getting errors. How do I fix them?

Make sure your Wifi connectivity is good. Tryrestarting the app.
For unresolved issues, write to us at

How do I report bugs?

Write to us for any bug reports or problems with the app.

Where can I leave feedback?

Write to us
Happy to hear from you!

Whom do I get in touch with for non-bug related enquiries?

Write to us at
You can reach to us at for PR related enquiries.