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Hello Kitty About To Take Over The world
Everybody is trying to tap the 'instant cool' these days by dropping collabs left, right, and center (looking at you, Ikea). So you know something's hype-worthy if there's a surprise team-up that makes you pause and wonder. After Target, come Sanrio/Nylon and Lazy Oaf with their Hello Kitty capsules this month consisting of pieces that are more style, less cute. And that makes us wonder, is Hello Kitty about to become cool again? With pink ruffled denim jackets, overalls, and sports bras, these new collections hit all the right spots- if you're not completely averse to the idea of wearing a kawaii cat in the name of fashion, that is. We may not all be fans of the Kitty, but we do know something's about to become a 'thing' when we see it. Hook selects the best from the latest collabs for you to shop and wallow in irony-smeared nostalgia.
Image Courtesy : Everything Women Love